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Holistic Financial Guidance For Families, Businesses and Communities.
Specializing in Diligent Research and Due Diligence of Tax Advantaged Financial Strategies Yielding Guaranteed, Safe, Secure, Predictable and Exceptional Returns.

Holistic Financial Guidance
: As you develop your financial strategies, we introduce a holistic perspective so you may achieve the lifestyle you desire. This includes having the health and freedom of time to enjoy your wealth with your family without worry.

Diligent Research
: One result of a vibrant market driven economy is choice. When developing your financial strategies, whether personal or business, you are faced with thousands of options that may meet your goals. As your consultant, our focus is to, without bias, diligently research suitable options.

Due Diligence
: Once a financial option is identified, we analyze it to ensure that it presently meets your goals and has the stability to meet your future goals.

Tax Advantaged
: Our mission is to maximize your after-tax return on your strategy.

: strategies are chosen in order to provide a guaranteed minimum return.

: we prefer conservative strategies that provide safety of your principal investment.

: stratagies that are safe in the future and backed by safe underlying assets are secure.

: the behavior of our stragegies are predictable because we manage volitility and build in safe guards.

Exceptional Returns
: we help guide you towards those strategies that will yield high returns given the level of risk you assume.

* Access your specific financial strategies that target guaranteed, safe, secure, predictable and exceptional returns. We focus on conservative strategies that protect your principal.


* We typically engage new clients referred by our network of satisfied clients. However, we do establish some relationships based on your perception of a great match. We have experience with business owners, professionals and other hard working people. The common thread is a relationship focused on respect, service, performance and commitment.

We finance from $50K to $50MM in real estate, entertainment, technology, medical, professional and manufacturing projects worldwide using private equity and debt financing. We don't shop deals but evaluate and present them to funds with whom we have existing relationships.

877 Financial has been established from a balance of experience and vision. Our name and logo service as a constant reminder to our clients, independent consultants, strategic partners and staff of our guiding principals.
8The number eight (8) in many cultures represents a new beginning based on harmony with the Creator and the resulting wealth and luck that follows. It represents wisdom, learning through experience, stability, patience and responsibility. The number 8 is also a number of financial security, caution, restriction, self-discipline, and self-control.
7The number seven (7) in many cultures represnts completion, faith and dreams coming true.
nsaa The foundation of our logo is an Adinkra symbol meaning excellence, genuineness and authenticity.
nkyimu The diamond in our logo is based on an Adinkra symbol meaning skillfulness and precision.

A Strong Foundation

Our vision, strategy and all that follows is based on a strong and principled foundation. As a reminder to our agents and staff we post here those principles which by law we are bound to follow at all times.
We owe our clients:

  • a duty of loyalty to act in the best interests of our clients and to always put our clients\' interests ahead of our own;
  • a duty of full and fair disclosure and complete candor, including the duty to disclose the source and amounts of all income that we receive in or as a result of any transaction involving our clients;
  • a duty of care;
  • a duty to provide impartial and honest advice;
  • a duty to use our best business judgement in connection with any products and services purchased by our clients - in other words to find the best product or service at the lowest price; and
  • a duty of good faith and fair dealing.

The above principles are adapted from California Law governing insurance brokers.
CA Insurance Code

Engage Us - Working with 877 Financial

Step One:

  • Register with our website. By so doing you will accept our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)[Click Here for PDF].
  • If you are an intermediary, you must first register, then instruct the principal to register with us. This ensures that all parties are aware of our NDA
    and other terms.
  • In order to be efficient, this is our preferred method of engaging new clients.

Step Two:

  • Your account will not become active until we acknowledge your registration. By so doing, we accept the terms of our NDA with you.

Step Three:

  • Log into your account to submit an executive summary or brief description of your funding need. There is no need to provide a detailed business plan at this point.
  • If we decide to pursue your opportunity we will update your registration status and initiate a conversation.