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  1. that which is shown or demonstrated
  2. Latin: quod erat dēmōnstrandum
  3. Quarterback, Educator, Detective
  4. quantum electrodynamics
  5. Financial Coach, Q.E.D ™
    • Quarterback - someone who leads or directs a group or activity; a strategist.
    • Educator - someone who leads by example to inform and develop the faculties and powers of others.
    • Detective - someone who researches and investigates to obtain information.

ar·bi·trage (är'bĭ-träzh')

  • n. The purchase of securities on one market for immediate resale on another market in order to profit from a price discrepancy.
    intr.v. ar·bi·traged, ar·bi·trag·ing, ar·bi·trag·es
    To be involved in arbitrage.
  • The simultaneous purchase and selling of an asset in order to profit from a differential in the price. This usually takes place on different exchanges or marketplaces. Also known as a "riskless profit".
  • Etymology: French, literally, arbitration, decision-making

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A Strong Foundation

Our vision, strategy and all that follows is based on a strong and principled foundation. As a reminder to our agents and staff we post here those principles which by law we are bound to follow at all times.
We owe our clients:

  • a duty of loyalty to act in the best interests of our clients and to always put our clients\' interests ahead of our own;
  • a duty of full and fair disclosure and complete candor, including the duty to disclose the source and amounts of all income that we receive in or as a result of any transaction involving our clients;
  • a duty of care;
  • a duty to provide impartial and honest advice;
  • a duty to use our best business judgement in connection with any products and services purchased by our clients - in other words to find the best product or service at the lowest price; and
  • a duty of good faith and fair dealing.

The above principles are adapted from California Law governing insurance brokers.
CA Insurance Code

Engage Us - Working with 877 Financial

Step One:

  • Register with our website. By so doing you will accept our Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)[Click Here for PDF].
  • If you are an intermediary, you must first register, then instruct the principal to register with us. This ensures that all parties are aware of our NDA
    and other terms.
  • In order to be efficient, this is our preferred method of engaging new clients.

Step Two:

  • Your account will not become active until we acknowledge your registration. By so doing, we accept the terms of our NDA with you.

Step Three:

  • Log into your account to submit an executive summary or brief description of your funding need. There is no need to provide a detailed business plan at this point.
  • If we decide to pursue your opportunity we will update your registration status and initiate a conversation.